Air-Conditioned Class Rooms

Spacious, air-conditioned class rooms with adequate lighting, provide an ideal setting for learning. Attractive and colourful furniture for each child adds to the charm of the ambience.

Computer Lab

There are two labs with 40 computers each, installed with the latest of software for teaching children and lessons are taught through systems in the lab.

Dining Hall

The school is equipped with well ventilated and spacious dining halls in every level of all the buildings. Nutritious and hygienic breakfast, snacks and lunch provided everyday.

Audio Visual Teaching Aids

A significant part of education is imparted through audio-visual inputs. Rhymes, the Alphabet, Words and Numbers are picturized and presented visually for better understanding.

School Vans

Air conditioned vans are available for commuting from home to school and back. The van and staff ensure the safety of the children during travel.

Medical Facilities

A full time pediatrician is available for immediate attention to students falling sick during school hours. Regular medical check-ups are organized through the year.