About Us

Welcome to JEPPIAAR
School of Early Learning

It is important to make the right choice for your child. This prospectus has been especially written to provide you with the necessary and to help you understand what we have to offer. Jeppiaar school provides a happy, caring and safe environment for the child. We work hard to ensure that each child experience towards the school is a positive point that encourages a love of learning and self-discipline from the start.

Co-curricular Activities

Yoga Class

Separate yoga classes for boys and girls are conducted to develop concentration and good health.

Gymnastics Class

The school has separate gymnastics classes for boys and girls to develop grace, skill and co-ordination.

Dance Class

The basic Mudras of classical dance, are taught to the children, so they learn to move with ease and elegance.

Abacus Classes

Abacus and Spoken English – Various extra curricular subjects like abacus, a simple way to do math and spoken English for better expression, are taught to make students better prepared to face the real world.

Motivational Classes

We provide English Enhancement & Personality Development training to each child. We are using a series of activity based on English language learning materials.

Physical Education

We conduct sports and take our children for zonal, district and state level competitions. It helps to increase the self-esteem of the students.

Young Learners English

To improve the English language skills of the students, special training is given to the students and they read for examinations, which are conducted by Cambridge University through the British Council.

Art & Craft

The children are trained in drawing, painting, paper craft etc., to add more colour to their world. Freedom of expression and creative thinking is encouraged.

The Scientia-Expo

An exhibition of models and charts involving all the subjects taught like science, math, social studies and languages.